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Welcome to my bio page

Who Am I As a Designer?

Language has always been a large part of my identity, and design can be that convergence of  both language and art; to form an equilibrium of purpose and creativity. To me, design is about having a clear purpose. Its principles are used to create things for others that exist amidst our daily lives.

Design is more than just a career to me; it's something that I've formed a deep appreciation and love for. Good design permeates and elevates our everyday experiences while seamlessly fitting into our daily routines. My passion is not bound to just graphic design, but rather creating for others.

In addition to a strong foundation in graphic design, Alejandra's interests extend to the world of Book Design and Book Binding. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of design disciplines, including research, typography, branding, editorial design, poster design, bookmaking, print and production.

Outside of being a designer, I love cooking and bookbinding whenever I get the chance!

Recipe page coming soon ︎︎︎